Spuds take Tech, announce postseason roster

Post date: Mar 27, 2017 9:42:06 PM

In their final regular season tournament of the year, the Spuds brought a nearly full roster of 80 entries to St. Cloud Tech High School; half spoke in finals while another 20 advanced to the Next-in final round.

Storytellers led the way for Moorhead with all eight entries making it to finals. Senior McKensie Bedore took home top honors for the third time this season.

Also winning their respective categories included Lauren Cartwright (Creative), Megan Duchene (Ex. Reading), Ariana Grollman (Humor), Anna Larson (Informative) and Noel Kangas (Prose).

In all, Moorhead posted 534 sweepstakes points, besting second place by more than 300 points.

Now, the Spuds trim their roster for the postseason as 55 speakers will travel to Forestview Middle School in Baxter for the 8AA North Subsection tournament on Thursday. The entire roster is listed below.

The top six from each category will advance to the 8AA Section tournament on April 6th, held at St. Cloud Tech.

The next three venues will be familiar to many speakers: Thursday's tournament was the site of the NSDA qualifier held less than two weeks ago, and after the 8AA tournament returns to Tech, the MSHSL State tournament will be held at Apple Valley High School, where the Spuds won the Minneapple invitational last month.

Creative Expression (5 entries)

1: Lauren Cartwright (Varsity)

2: Alex Church (Varsity)

3: Evyn Judisch (Varsity)

4: Ian Bahe (Varsity)

5: Matt Rosson (Varsity)

Discussion (3 entries)

1: Hannah Hendrickson (Varsity)

2: Sydney Anderson (Varsity)

3: Grant Toppen (Varsity)

Dramatic Interpretation (4 entries)

1: Luke Seidel (Varsity)

2: Kenan Stoltenow (Varsity)

3: Trevor Schmidt (Varsity)

4: Taylor Qualey (Varsity)

Duo Interpretation (3 entries)

1: Izzy Larson and Devon Solwold (Varsity)

2: Skyler Klostriech and Abby Dahlberg (Varsity)

3: Cassidy Wendt and Jonah Hanson (Varsity)

Extemporaneous Reading (4 entries)

1: Megan Duchene (Varsity)

2: Katherine Leiseth (Varsity)

3: Chelsea Bubbers (Varsity)

4: Amanda Herzog (Varsity)

Extemporaneous Speaking (3 entries)

1: Simon Beach (Varsity)

2: Bridget McManamon (Varsity)

3: Claire Stoltenow (Varsity)

Great Speeches (5 entries)

1: Carolyn Solberg (Varsity)

2: Neva Miller (Varsity)

3: Maryn Cella (Varsity)

4: Molly Hauf (Varsity)

5: Emma McFeely (Varsity)

Humorous Interpretation (3 entries)

1: Ariana Grollman (Varsity)

2: Sophia Klindt (Varsity)

3: Ella Halgrimson (Varsity)

Informative Speaking (5 entries)

1: Sarah Schulz (Varsity)

2: Anna Larson (Varsity)

3: Lance Morlock (Varsity)

4: Anni Yoney (Varsity)

5: Laura Jensen (Varsity)

Original Oratory (3 entries)

1: Jessica Anderson (Varsity)

2: Myeesha Harden (Varsity)

3: Katie Staiger (Varsity)

Poetry Reading (5 entries)

1: Jarrett Olek (Varsity)

2: Jennie Hastings (Varsity)

3: Camryn Hodny (Varsity)

4: Hanah Mohammed (Varsity)

5: Amelia Bjorklund (Varsity)

Prose Reading (4 entries)

1: Noel Kangas (Varsity)

2: Dylan Stage (Varsity)

3: Kaden Moszer (Varsity)

4: Margaret Dickey (Varsity)

Storytelling (5 entries)

1: McKensie Bedore (Varsity)

2: Alyssa Haagenson (Varsity)

3: Hannah Maki (Varsity)

4: Alex Seigel (Varsity)

5: Regan Hart (Varsity)